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Psychotherapy Services

Full spectrum psychotherapy services in the Inland Empire

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Consciousness Seminars

Join the conversation at the Living-Consciousness circle



We provide a spectrum of Psychological Care and Services. Our Mission has been to serve our communities with the highest quality of Mental Health offerings. Our Vision is to offer customized and unique opportunities for wholeness, wellness, restoration and self-expansion. We are a blend of neuro & clinical psychology with expertise in behavioral medicine, mindfulness, wellness services (i.e. biofeedback/meditation), temperament & consciousness.

We embody a partnership & team that creates a synergistic energy to unfold ​potentialities for each precious individual.

Years Serving our patients


Psychological clinic by OpenCare in 2016

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Full Spectrum Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy

One-on-One psychotherapy to help you overcome personal conflicts.

Relational Therapy

Assessing problems and conflicts together through better understanding.

Stress Management

One-on-One psychotherapy to help you understand and manage stress.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

The biggest breakthrough in treating depression.


Understanding how your body works and learning to control body functions.


Understanding how your brain works and improving brain functions.


Restore your calm and inner peace.

Body - Brain - Balance

For your life balance.


Our Patients

I cannot say enough about the amazing Dr. Kurt Bickford and Dr. Tracy Covington. Dr. Covington has been my therapist for over three years and she has treated me with the utmost respect, professionalism and a level of compassionate care that has surpassed all of my expectations. Additionally, I attend Living Consciousness classes at their Redlands office, led by Dr. Bickford, that are spiritually fulfilling and an integral part of my psychological healing process as well.
Maureen C.

Drs. Bickford and Covington are the best clinical psychologist I have ever worked with. Clinically speaking, both have attained the highest degrees of training, education, licensure, certification, and practical experience available. To the extent of all things human, both surpass the level of compassion and empathy found in any clinical practice. While it may be difficult to get an appointment with Drs. Bickford and Covington, the wait is worth it.
Brooke A.

This establishment offers so much more than what I initially came in for when I first stumbled across it last summer. Since then, I’ve been a regular of Dr. Covington’s (she’s an absolute gem) and taken quite a few classes and workshops led by her husband, Dr. Bickford. I have also started working with Reva (cranio-sacral therapy) and had the opportunity to connect with quite a few others in our community. They are real people who share their growth and vulnerability with you so that you genuinely feel like you’re connecting with someone when you’re opening up to them. You may have to wait to get an opening, but its worth it. I cannot explain in words what their services have done for me this past year. Overall, I simply know myself better and everything else begins here.
Alex J.


Events & Seminars

Psychology & Temperament Seminars

Join the conversation and learn about temperament control.

Consciousness Seminars

Join the conversation at the Living-Consciousness circle!

Women's Group & Annual Retreat

Our annual retreat exclusively dedicated to us, women.

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Bickford & Covington

Full Spectrum Psychology

Bickford Covington & Associates

511 Brookside Ave, Redlands, CA 92373, USA

18838 Hwy 18, Suite 6, Apple Valley, CA 92307, USA

Phone: +1 (909) 794-8400




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Full Spectrum Psychology Services in the Inland Empire.



511 Brookside Ave, Redlands, CA 92373

  Mon-Thu, 9:00am - 6:00pm

Apple Valley

18838 Hwy 18 Suite 6, Apple Valley, CA 92307

  Fridays, 9:00am - 5:00pm


The Autopilot PartnerIf you’ve been together a long time, it’s easy to be on “autopilot.” You’re so used to the way you speak and interact with each other that you stop mindfully listening to what the other says.Do these exchanges sound familiar?Your Partner: “What a beautiful sunset.”You: “Uh huh. Did you put the trash out?”Or...You: “I’m concerned about Sam. I don’t know what to do.”Your Partner: “Yeah, I bet… What’s for dinner?”You can turn away from a bid by absentmindedly responding to your partner or replying when you didn’t really hear what they said. This can lead to built-up tension and even full-blown conflict, especially if your partner feels unheard and rejected.This turning away is often unintentional. You may not even be aware that you missed a bid because, such as the first example, your mind was on the trash and their mind was on the sunset.Talk to your partner about a time that either one of you was on “autopilot.” If you had the chance again, how would you respond?-the Gottman Institute- ... See MoreSee Less
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