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The people behind Bickford & Covington, one of the best psychology clinics in the Inland Empire

Dr. Tracy J. Covington

Traveled an eclectic path, pursuing many interests before finding her passion in the field of psychology. Upon completion of a Master’s Degree followed by a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, she began her career as an Assistant Professor and Staff Psychologist at Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC), Department of Anesthesia, in Southern California. During her tenure at LLUMC, she enjoyed opportunities integrating psychological concepts with a diversity of chronic pain conditions and life threatening illnesses. This included the creation of Transitions, a clinical support group specific to young adults challenged by severe health conditions such as cancer.

With her life and business partner, Dr. Kurt Bickford, she developed a rehabilitation center for the treatment of chronic pain and stress conditions where she developed and utilized an inter-disciplinary approach, now a standard in the industry. Opportunities to share this treatment model and research were offered at both national and international levels. Her private practice of 23 years has been a composite of services including psychotherapy, applied physiology, executive and organizational coaching, collaboration on professional monthly seminars, a monthly radio show and a variety of publications emphasizing consciousness, psychology, temperament and the possibilities of the human endeavor.

​Dr. Covington is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who is Board Certified in Biofeedback and a Diplomate in Pain Management.

Kris Alan Sharp, MPA, BCIAC

Presently provides relaxation training, assessment and neurofeedback treatment services for traumatic brain injury patients at Bickford Covington & Associates in Redlands, California.His educational background is in physiological psychology, training design and applied behavioral science at California State University, Los Angeles and the University of Southern California. He holds board certification in biofeedback and neurofeedback with clinical experience in a variety of settings, including chiropractic, rehabilitation, physical therapy and comprehensive pain management since 1985. He is the principal of Self Services, a provider of work-style effectiveness and ergonomic awareness training programs with special emphasis on occupational health, peak performance, and biofeedback applications in the workplace. CHECK OUT OUR BODY-BRAIN-BALANCE SITE AND CALENDAR FOR THE UPCOMING MEDITATION WORKSHOP!

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You may already be familiar with The Four Horsemen (criticism, defensiveness, contempt, and stonewalling) but now that our context has shifted on a global scale, it’s worth taking a closer look at each and how they might show up at home.

Though all of the four horsemen are damaging, Contempt is perhaps the most destructive. John Gottman describes contempt as “sulfuric acid for love.” Yikes.

So what is contempt? At its core, contempt is holding on to the negative belief that your partner is inferior or “less than.” It may manifest as sarcasm, hostile remarks, eye-rolling, mockery or mimicking, or sneering directed at your partner.

“Oh you’re so smart, huh?”
“You’re embarrassing yourself and me.”
“You just don’t know any better.”
“You don’t ‘feel like’ making love tonight? Big surprise!”

It conveys disgust. Ouch.

It’s a mean one, but it can be reversed. The antidote to contempt is building a culture of appreciation.

Cure nastiness with fondness and admiration. Appreciate the ways your partner is different, and that they have their own subjective, individual experience of things. Regard them as an equal.

-the GOTTMAN Institute-
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